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Consumers (globally) are eating up to almost US$2 billion worth of snacks. Snacks are becoming the 4th meal of the day with consumers demanding international experiences and bakery products. The Netherlands, home to Amsterdam, is one of the world’s highest per capita countries for the consumption of snacks. Share the European snack experience with your customers and offer Cafe Amsterdam Dutch Treats…oh, zo goed!

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Why choose Cafe Amsterdam?

  • Growth of imported European foods
  • High awareness and interest in Amsterdam and Europe
  • Amsterdam associated with quality, adventure, and lifestyle
  • Increase in cafe culture lifestyle
  • On-the-go living (50% of consumers snack as a lunch replacement)
  • Growing interest in Stroopwafels and European snacks
  • Cafe Amsterdam: authentic, traditional Dutch treats as enjoyed in the cafes of Amsterdam
  • Cafe Amsterdam: available in single serve (counter) and family pack sizes
  • Cafe Amsterdam koekies: baked not processed (easier to digest sugar)
  • Cafe Amsterdam: attractive country of origin packaging, designs and colours
Cafe Amsterdam offers a different in-store experience to our retail partners compared to traditional snack brands.


We’re always looking to add retailer partners who love European snacks as much as we do! Interested in adding Cafe Amsterdam Dutch treats to your product line-up? Contact us today!

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